They say that it only takes about three seconds for a person to decide if the product or service that you are offering is something they are interested in.  With so much on our minds and with the constant bombardment of new products you will need a professional who understands your market as well as human psychology.  When deciding on the perfect voiceover services for commercials nashville tx it is very important to consider some of the following criteria

Male vs Female

When speaking to a specific market you want to have a spokesperson that is relatable to the product.  Deciding between a male or a female voice can change the perception of the product.  Using a combination of both men and women can also send a different message to different audiences.  This is why it is important to decide on who should speak and what their message is.

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Tone of voice

The tone of voice needs to be calm and soothing.  Having someone come onto the screen shouting and acting like a fool doesn’t motivate people to purchase a product.  When listening to a specific tone on the commercial potential customers will expect that same tone when calling in or making an order. 


Kids are great when talking about specific products.  When we put children into our commercials and advertisements, we send a message of kids and family friendly product.  This also shows that the product can be used by the entire family or will encourage children to ask their parents to purchase the product.

Clear message

The biggest killer of any advertisement is not knowing who or what the message is and for.  This is why when creating your messages make sure to focus on the product or service firsthand.  Anything other than that will just be confusing for your viewers.