Many people have heard of a land surveyor but haven’t given the occupation much thought. What exactly does a land surveyor do? Why is this job important? These questions have been asked time and time again, and the answer is quite simple – a land surveyor surveys the land and determines what’s good and bad about the area along with other information. A surveyor is skilled in their occupation and has taken scanner courses rancho cucamonga ca and other areas offer. Let’s get into more detail about land surveyors below.

 What Do They Do?

Surveyors determine the lines of properties and can create maps when surveying plots of land. They measure properties, record descriptions of the land, determine the location of future roads, and more. Land surveyors are required to have a bachelor’s degree and be licensed through the NCEES – the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

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The Duties of a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors use tools, such as GPS, to gain information about plots of land they are examining. They research the area and look for boundary lines and other information by exploring and analyzing the plot. These individuals can create maps of the topography of the land and use their findings to design reports and maps that are used for various purposes.


A land surveyor will need to have a thorough grasp of mathematics and apply these skills to measuring and plotting land. They must also be capable of using computers and other technology that can be used to gather more accurate information and complete land surveys. They’re detailed, accurate, thorough, and focused on the task at hand.

Being a land surveyor requires a lot of field work. Individuals interested in becoming a land surveyor can expect to enter a fast-growing and exciting field.